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At SOL Christian Academy we stay in close communication with parents and we value good relationships with the parents of our pupils.

The education of your child is a partnership between home and school – one which we value highly. Many of our parents volunteer their time as Supervisors, classroom assistants, extras on school trips, minibus drivers, PTA members and teachers of specialist subjects and our hope is that all parents will contribute in some way to the activity of our school.

We encourage all prospective parents to make an appointment to come and visit us at the school and see for themselves how effective our particular system of education is.

General information is provided through the school  website and we will also send home letters, texts or e-mails, and we ask parents to check the child’s Homework Booklet regularly as this is used to communicate between home and school.

There are also other forms of communication to keep you fully informed about your child’s progress and well-being. These include Annual Reports, and termly ‘Working at’ ‘Behaviour for Learning’ and ‘Attitude to Homework’ levels.

There are termly parents’ evenings for each year group, either to see the Supervisors or subject teachers.

The education of your child is a partnership between home and school

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SOL Christian Academy is an independent school – a ministry of Source Of Life International Christian Centre. The school does not receive funding from the government or any other external body. Fees are therefore payable for all children attending. Fees are kept to a minimum and are largely subsidised voluntarily by the church, staff and the  PTA.

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